We cannot always rely on 911 alone. There are nearly 383,000 sudden cardiac arrests annually that occur outside of a hospital. The odds of survival for the victim is four times greater when CPR is performed right away.

Our principals are built on the strong believe that more people educated in CPR and First Aid will lead to more saved lives. We take our job very seriously. Your satisfaction with the material and the entire certification process is one of our main goals.

Besides the fact that the training is efficient and cost effective, based on independent research online training is also as effective as in-class course.

Just visit us at www.ecprcertification.com and follow these simple steps to get your certificate today.

Please proceed to eCPRcertification.com at https://ecprcertification.com/ and select "CPR and Basic First Aid" course on the top right corner of the front page.

Please complete the training and then proceed to the certification test.

If you successfully pass the test, please register by filling out the following fields:

- Select the "CPR (Adult/Child/Infant) and Basic First Aid - Wall Certificate Only"

- Please ensure the "Mail It" option is unchecked as this is an electronic delivery only.

- Input your First Name, Last Name and Email Address

Input "SJJIF" in the "address" field and then your mailing address.

- Click on "Agree to Terms and Conditions"

- Download your certificate.  You may print the certificate or retain the electronic copy for your records.

- Email confirmation with the attached certificate will be emailed to the email address provided during registration as well.

If you have any questions, please contact eCPRcertification.com at customerservice@ecprcertification.com.