SJJIF National Ranking

SJJIF Ranking is how the SJJIF ranks the top nation in the sport and must follow the following guidelines:

  1. Competitors are required to identify their nation at registration so that tournament organizers can keep accurate records.
  2. All Athletes who register giving the same name for nation will contribute to the respective SJJIF ranking.
  3. No athlete or coach may change the nation they are registered for after the check date has passed or previous event.

The SJJIF World Jiu-Jitsu Championship is the final competition for SJJIF rankings.
National Ranking is based on the accumulation of all Gold, Silver and Bronze medals earned by all competitors representing that particular country in all SJJIF sanctioned tournaments during the period of one SJJIF competition year.

  1. Kid Team Points – for all divisions from Kid 1 through Kid 6
  2. Adult Team Points – for all divisions including Juvenile 16-17, Adult 18, and Master 30 through Master 61

Points from divisions where only one athlete is signed up will not count toward country ranking.

World Accumulative Ranking 2022
National Ranking 2022
National Ranking 2020-2021
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